Final speech of Arthur

My friends do not disturb my armour or clothes, I'll need them in the underworld.

It is my greatest regret that I have been unable to serve my people better, though I must now descend through a cave that I will show you into the mouth of hell I will some day return, for as blood is in me it was foretold.

What a foul day.

God knows Morfan, the firey storm of grief inside of me, howls the same as this bitter wind.

Did I fool people into believing I was wise when I was really a fool?

Tell me, Constans what sane man could have lived like this and not be driven mad?

Is beauty such a difficult thing to find that it makes such good sport to obliterate?

Lift me up for a moment so I can see the foul carnage of the battle.

Looking on this disaster brings me to my senses.

It is wicked to lay on on yourself responsiblity for crimes you did not yourself commit, let's now condemn the guilty instead!

Gather those able to listen, these will be the last words they shall hear from me.

Three times we were Betrayed!

Three times, my faith!

Does no one in these days value their own good name?

Betrayal by enemies, a curse on us if that was not suspected, may this be my last breath if this is so.

Betrayal by allies, a curse on me if I should have suspected that but still I should have done.

Betrayal by the Lords we appointed in favour of Mordred?

Who then are our friends?

Is this the curse that we have incurred?

No that is nonsense!

Compare us against this scoundrel.

Not even a great scoundrel, but an ordinary scoundrel like all others.

Mordred was a prince who preferred the garb of a wild pict to the garb of his fathers.

More inclined to the pursuit of the hare than the pursuit of wisdom, more pre-occupied with the stag than his lands.

We on the other hand started out despised, called half men half devils and our banner was mocked.

We proved by strenuous efforts that we were all men half devils and our banner that of victors!

The marvels we dreamed of and the tales we listened to were the dreams and tales of our nation. And since Britain is not an idle or stupid nation, our dreams and stories have not been and are not idle or stupid either. If they were, they and we wouldn't amount to anything, but they didn't and neither did we!

But what was Mordred? a frightened mare ashamed of war when the war came.

Peace came! it was more fearful to him, he had to stamp it out!

He has stolen his throne, he fell throne and all, throwing it to the ground in turmoil destroying a noble a kingdom that would have been remembered throughout the ages.

A kingdom on which mighty nations would have broke against like the sea again rocks!

So now our kingdom is a fairy story , which is all we had to start off with in the first place.

I want now to rest.

I was never betrayed by my footmen, I give them a third of my kingdom.

I was never betrayed by my bards, I give them a third of my kingdom to guard as my might no longer shines.

I was never betrayed by my merchants, so of course I give them a third of my kingdom to possess.


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