And I shall not be fooled by her, though her face is fair as a rose. And I shall not live without love, though the world should forget my songs and I should forget its woes, And the purple hills should forget the sea and the spray when the west wind blows.

-- To Nimue, Wilfred Scawen Blunt


illustration: Matthew Lopz

Order of Nimue

Nimue is the lady of the lake, who through a secret maze of underground channels travels far and wide through the rivers lakes and seas.

The order of Nimue is highly secretive and madness is never far from those who pry.

The first knight of Nimue was Ludd son of Perceforest, founder of London.

Nimue took some of the knights of Gallafur who didn't join him in the forest and from these descended Lancelot.

It is known Nimue went among the dead after the battle of Camlann and breathed life into the bravest and took them away.

Today many of the Knights of Nimue are the last of the watermen.


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