The need for a global spiritual awakening

The problems of the world today can mostly be summed up as people doing bad things and then failing to do good things.

So ultimately the solution is, people need to be nicer.

Being good when it doesn't particularly benefit you, is basically a spiritual thing to do, because it goes beyond rationality and our own physical needs.

The origins of the idea

How do I know this?

I don't, this page does not exist and even if it did it's unlikely to be true.

Never mind about that, get on with it.

For time immemorial people have sought enlightenment, occasionally there have been efforts to spread enlightenment, but where we begin is during the war.

The turmoil of the previous generations, the horrors of the first world war and other conflicts and crisises created an environment where otherwise improbable ideas came to being.

One of these ideas was fascism, which inflicted unfathomable horrors upon the world.

To surive these horrors a great will to live had to be summoned, this will to live took many forms, some through commitment to family some to religion, some to ideology or nationality .

The terrible nature of the Nazi regime made people realise the world could not be allowed to carry on like this.

A particular group of spiritually strong and ideologically volatile people in defiance to their oppressors formulated a way to fix the world, soon after they were murdered.

Nevertheless their ideas were not entirely lost, but they were unfortunately misunderstood, it eventually became the basis of multiple countercultures.

The 1960's

It was thought by some during this decade that the world could be healed if people would only "Tune in, turn on, drop out." In other words the world should adopt the use psychoactive drugs as a means of "expanding conciousness."

That the use of LSD in particular is a way to lift the veil and understand the sacrednesses and oneness of reality and that making the use of drugs more widespread and turning people into hippies would create world peace.

The fact is that the "veil" is there for our own protection, and taking drugs does not turn you into a good person, even though it can temporarily change your perspective.

For most the hippy movement was just a fad, just an experience to have as students before growing up and getting a proper job, a way for men to talk women into sleeping with them, for many others it was a way of making money by selling various paraphernalia, on the whole they were a conformist group of rebels, the movement created a home for abusers, the rampant use of drugs took it's miserable toll.

However many of their principles and ideals are in fact sound.

Being a contributor to a society only interested in the pursuit of money and empty social conventions is of course far from desirable and having respect and appreciation for nature is natural and a good thing.

That is to say certain elements of the counterculture resemble what should have been, but other elements lead to it's downfall.


Mystical thought is innate in humans, (Though in some more than others) it would appear to serve some evolutionary purpose, as a way of increasing our understanding, as a way of building more advanced social structures or maybe simply as a way of scamming people (the evidence is against this even if this is clearly sometimes the case).


Interestingly, psychosis has not been observed in species other than humans, it has been theorised that symptoms of psychosis at a mild level are in some way uniquely beneficial to us, undoubtedly this results in mystical thinking, madness is not typically a sign of a brain doing the wrong thing, but a brain doing too much of the right thing.

This may be in some way comforting to people prone to psychosis and a caution to those interested in mysticism not to go too far.


It is common for people interested in mysticism to develop bad habits and disordered thought, they may jump to far to reach conclusions and then not let them go even when their mistakes become obvious, it can become road to madness or simply incompetence.

There are reasons why traditionally the existence of evil spirits was taken with the utmost caution and mystical traditions only present their inner knowledge to those who have spent years in preperation.

Contemplation on the metaphysical realms should be an existension of your understanding of the physical realm because they are part of the same fabric, accordingly it is highly desirable that your understanding of the physical realm should be well developed, a good understanding of science - physics in particular is very much ideal. An understanding of the mind is also an important asset, philosophy and psychology may well be extremely useful. Knowledge of the mystical traditions of others will also provide you with a considerable head start and measures to protect yourself.

The use of ethnogenic drugs is somewhat widespread, but the brain can produce it's own psychedelic chemicals at much safer levels at the appropriate times without as much risk of compromising your ability to reason, practices such as fasting and meditating can be utilised instead .

On the whole it may be a helpful thing to study a little, diving deeply will compromise your well-being.


Everything is intimately connected to everything else. What affects one thing will affect another, which will affect another and so on for eternity.

An illustration of this is the butterfly effect; it was calculated by Edward Lorenz that the tiny alteration to the pattern of air currents caused by the flapping of a butterfly's wings will in time magnify to such an extent as to change the course of a tornado a few weeks later.

Consequently the slightest movement that you make will in a matter of months will permanently alter the weather patterns of the entire globe and thefore the lives of everyone and the course of history.

The moment you sneeze will be the difference between life and death for billions, empires that could have been are swept away with the movement of your fingers.

The planet, the universe, is therefore all one interconnected system.

Consquently an overarching narrative or ideology that does not take into account everything from the moving of the stars to a single electron will not be able to fully explain the world and the actions of people in it.

Certainly ideologies and narratives can allow for uncertainty in their evaluations of the world, but when looked at from an objective angle the uncertainty piles higher and higher, what do we really know?

Our knowledge is merely assumptions which are piled upon more assumptions and so on, how well can we really explain to ourselves what it's all for?

Clearly this attitude has lead to a wide array of errors which are only going to compound as our control over our surroundings increases. This is a matter of grave concern.

We must acknowledge the wholeness, the oneness of things and the oneness of consciousness.

This is normally called "ego death" but on the contrary the recognisation that you are a cog in a far greater machine do not mean you as an individual cease to exist, but it means you as an individual are far more important than you could ever have previously imagined if you only saw the world as being disconected from you.

The earth is just a part of that machine, that mysterious force that willed itself or was willed into existence, the earth forms it's own subsection of that machine of which life is a part, of which animals are a part, of which mammals are a part, of which humans are a part, of which our nations, our groups, our clubs, our friends are all parts of which we are parts, of which our components are parts, of which their components are parts and so on.

The incredible complexity and beauty this machine has formed just to allow you to read this is awesome and unbelievable in it's proportions and dimensions.

Some people call this one-ness random, some people call it God and some people say it is the word of God, or a reflection of the will of God.

But it exists and it should be respected by all.

Ideas that go against this one-ness should be shunned, some people seek to divide humans from nature, set person against person unnecessarily, that the rich are not one with the poor, that black is not one with white, that one conscious experience is not one with another concious experience, that history begins where it suits people to begin, not taking into account how it was affected by the years, centuries, millennia, eons before that point.

We must accept we cannot fully grasp the nature of this one-ness and be very very humble, but within the sphere of influence allotted to us while being open to correction, we can create love beauty and goodness, partnering and assisting the One-ness or God, or whatever you call it in it's mission of creation instead of working against it, this is a message that has echoed down the ages.

This song, sung by Gracie Fields expresses well the attitude which we should all take:

The Thing-ummyy-bob

I can't pretend to be a great celebrity But still, I'm quite important in me way, The job I have to do may not sound much to you But all the same, I'm very proud to say...

I'm the girl that makes the thing that drills the hole that holds the ring that drives the rod that turns the knob that works the thing-ummy-bob I'm the girl that makes the thing that holds the oil that oils the ring that takes the shank that moves the crank that works the thing-ummy-bob.

It's a ticklish sort of job making a thing for a thing-ummy-bob Especially when you don't know what it's for But it's the girl that makes the thing that drills the hole that holds the ring that makes the thing-ummy-bob that makes the engines roar And it's the girl that makes the thing that holds the oil that oils the ring that makes the thing-ummy-bob that's going to win the war

I'm not what you would call a heroine, at all I don't suppose you'd even know me name But though I'll never boast, of my important post I'll strike a blow for freedom just the same.

It's a ticklish sort of job making a thing for a thing-ummy-bob Especially when you don't know what it's for But it's the girl that makes the thing that drills the hole that holds the ring that makes the thing-ummy-bob that makes the engines roar. And it's the girl that makes the thing that holds the oil that oils the ring that makes the thing-ummy-bob that's going to win the war.