"The Sword In The Stone"

This was written on a device containing minerals mined using slave labour, with little regard to the effects on the miners the nearby wildlife or individuals.

It was made in an evil, genocidal, tyrannical regime that uses technology in ways that would make the Stasi proud...

Things are getting worse

More or less everyone seems to now quietly agree civilisation is on a downward path.

Often in the past people would claim the world in general is actually improving because global living standards were improving.

But of course the basis for this improvement was unsustainable, since 2008 global economic growth has began to stall and because of the effect of the Coronovirus pandemic and the response to it, global living standards fell and have not recovered in the poorest nations.

Today many of the poorest are the worst affected by climate change as the world becomes increasingly unstable and violent.

Democracy is in decline and authoritarianism is on the rise.

Wars of disinformation are being fought by politicians and commentators shamelessly in public and by Governments and faceless individuals behind the scenes.

The art of manipulating the public, to promote an agenda or to make a profit has never been more advanced.

Living standards in the west are declining, despite a global economy deliberately rigged in it's favour.

More and more and more of the world's wealth and power is ending up in the hands of an exclusive group of amoral megalomaniacs.

The world is more spied on and monitored than ever.

The natural world, on which we all rely is being comprehensively mangled.

The world is becoming less free, less equal, less fair, less safe and less beautiful.

It is becoming more selfish, wasteful and neglected, it is losing self respect and self control.

Threats are increasing

The threat of global war and nuclear destruction loom today more than they have in decades added to this is the threat of AI, climate change, economic collapse, totalitarianism and fanaticism.

What are the consequences?

When only the power and ego of the powerful matter we will all be enslaved and killed, technology will be advanced enough that we will be unecessary to their great master plans and material desires.

What should be done?

Something... surely?

What are you going to do?

Why isn't something being done?

People are doing lots of things to solve the worlds problems.

Some of them are effective, but not effective enough to save most of the world from oblivion.

Some people do things that don't make much difference.

Many, possibly the majority who try to save the world only make life worse, in fact so many of their solutions are the cause of so many of our problems.

So much of what is wrong is down to a litany of ostistensibly well meaning and partially correct -isms.

Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Liberalism, Neoliberalism, Imperialism, Libertarianism, American Exceptionalism etc..

Where are we going wrong?

Obviously I have ideas, you probably have ideas, would those ideas stand up to the test? Some perform better than others obviously, but it is still a riddle.

Like others I think I have parts of the solution and I have tried to untangle the various threads in such a way that they could be understood.